Field Marketing Manager

…Reliability, quality, and extremely competitive pricing are the main reasons why I’ve worked with Brand it for the past 5 years. Tony D’ Amico and his entire team really go above and beyond to help drive my business and act as a true partner. I would highly recommend Brand it as a preferred vendor to any organization.



Director of Marketing

…I’ve had the pleasure to work with Tony and Brandit for last couple of years . They go the extra mile and are a true partner. Tony D’Amico didn’t think twice about expanding their website to include marketing programs that support our dealers. Lisa Schraw is always willing to help with a smile on her face and creative ideas to get the job done. Brandit is a major reason for our success.



Regional Account Manager – South Region
Training Manager – US Region

…We have been doing business with Brandit for over three years now. It started with small orders for pens, keychains, hats etc… After experiencing great customer service and prompt & accurate orders, we expanded our relationship. We just started our second year with Brandit as our “exclusive provider” for all promotional & field sales items!
I am in the marketing dept and work with our field team on a daily basis, our 18 people in the field have had a great experience ordering from Brandit, from the web order system to receiving the packages. Brandit provided us with a great web portal for our field team to utilize from their laptop or smartphone, the website is very professional and has been flawless from the beginning.
They have also been very helpful and creative in working on our tradeshow and event needs over the last three years, even providing great service on very short notice from us at times.
I would like to mention a few individuals that have been wonderful to work with…
Tony D’Amico was the first person I met at Brandit…Tony has been great with communication, follow thru and overall account management. He has made countless trips to our office here in Dallas for one on one meetings and great lunches!
Simon…I don’t get to see Simon as often as I would like, but he has the business side of Brandit down perfectly.
Lisa S…Wonderful customer service and attention to detail has been the “norm” with Lisa.

We look forward to many more years working with their wonderful staff.