Why Brandit


We look to work with clients that need Marketing Partners.

To us, “vendor” is a dirty word.  More than semantics, we join our clients on a quest for brand success.  It is our collective responsibility, not just our clients’, to determine appropriate next steps and how to answer marketing challenges.  This means cooperative strategic planning, a shared understanding of goals and challenges, and frequent & robust dialogue.

At Brandit, we gauge our successes based on our clients’ successes.  More than a routine promise or lip service, we will in fact set up many of our compensation models based on client goals being achieved.

Also, our clients’ successes are our resume.  By achieving established goals and then meeting & exceeding expectations, we have the case studies that enable us to secure new client relationships.

We take the journey alongside our clients, as partners in business and stewards of the brands in our collective care.


One of the most defining qualities of Brandit, as an agency, is our approach to solving the marketing challenges of our clients.  Most traditional agencies address a client’s marketing needs by using the same staff, the same process and even the same creative team regardless of the uniqueness of the challenge in front of them or the experience of that staff.  A one-size-fits-all solution is usually ready-made, with resources canned, packaged and deployed whether the client is selling surf boards or intelligent switches.

But in the complexity of today’s marketplace and with the different nuances of each individual assignment, that approach simply asks too much of the same small group of individuals. The amount of experience that a particular person can have in their career is obviously finite, so how is it that same pool of people is expected to understand so many different business categories with all of their intricacies?

At Brandit, we look at the marketing challenge first, within a context of the client business situation and dynamics of the marketplace and then, we align the right talent resources to address the particulars of that challenge.  A Team of select talent is customized and later deployed based on the necessary category experience, agency discipline expertise and overall professional acumen in order to meet each and every assignment with strategic, creative and executional excellence.

Our roster of veteran talent is the product of cherry-picking a master list of “best in class” professionals, amassed from our collective years in the business and working with clients and agencies from New York to California on the nation’s most recognized brands and successful advertising campaigns. A “galaxy of all-stars” if you will, that are excited to take on each assignment and meet the specific needs of our clients.


Most agencies can tout a level of experience in several categories, in different forms of media, with varying creative styles to their campaigns – as long as they have a few seasoned veterans on staff that been around the block a time or two. Maybe they can even offer B2B experience, as well as consumer. Sometimes there are large businesses credentials, as well as experience working with young energetic start-ups. Many agencies can claim that variety and breadth of experiences, and come to think of it, so can we. But what makes Brandit truly special, beyond just having an array of clients in different categories, is that we are in fact the fusion of three different marketing companies, from three distinct areas of marketing. Brandit is the union of professionals from a successful digital agency in California, a Madison Avenue advertising agency, and a venerable Promotions Company from the Florida and Atlanta, Georgia.

So why should you care, right? What does this mean for our clients, beyond offering the obvious boondoggle destinations? First, is that we know how to integrate a campaign. As we all know, each touchpoint with a consumer or a customer is incredibly valuable, and a chance to say something about your Brand. But too many times, when working with multiple marketing partners – despite the best intentions and a litany of conference calls and video chats, creative executions do not always look like they came from the same advertiser. Sometimes the creative at shelf looks nothing like the creative online, or nothing like the print ad, or the broadcast spot, or the social media experience, and so on.   Too many times, agencies cannot resist putting their own creative “stamp” on their work, and the net result is that the consumer is left confused. The conversation gets interrupted, because the campaign lacks unity.

Secondly, some agencies have a difficult time exhibiting proficiency in all media. Many traditional agencies have tried to graft-on digital departments, and claim they now have digital expertise. And many new digital and social media agencies try to hire planning personnel so they can compete with the strategic chops of the AOR. But as many of us have experienced more than once, a weak flank is usually still left somewhere.   At Brandit, we have direct expertise in Digital, Traditional and Promotion, so we not only understand how to unify a campaign, but we have a deep understanding of the role of each medium in your media mix, and how to maximize it. We enlist the discipline of “channel-tasking”, which is developing messages germane to each medium but still have bedrock communication elements to reconcile back to the overall Brand positioning. A television commercial will have similar elements to the POS, or the print, or the website experience – but the creative for each of those will still utilize distinct message points that are tailored for that medium.

Brandit’s mission to help steward your Brand begins with strategic development. Then we craft a creative brief that ensures messaging consistency. Next we utilize our array of expertise to deploy specific messaging that is perfect for each medium, through channel-tasking. Lastly, we encourage (and help manage) table-top reviews with any other partners or in-house creative teams to verify that all Brand creative looks like it emanated from the same advertiser – in both messaging and design. We see it as our primary role, to ensure that each touchpoint your customers and consumers have with your Brand is brought to its full potential, and carries the conversation from initial awareness, all the way through to the point of sale.